Birthday Cake

ImageI’m the type of person who kinds of gets crazy when it comes to birthdays. I want to make cakes for them and cook a special dinner for them. So, this week leading up to my dad’s birthday on monday has been crazy!! I’ve been pestering him and bugging him and at his age ( whatever that means) he doesn’t want to remember his birthday, but life is a gift and everyday should be celebrated especially. Birthdays are special. Think about it, you will never have another 30th or 16th or 40th or whatever in this life, so why not make the most of it. In this day, we are so obsessed with being young, that’s it sickening age is a golden crown a sign that we’ve made it, no matter who you are in life. Enjoy it!

    So , right now I am in overload working on the masterpiece that will be his cake ( fingers crossed) above is a picture of my brother’s birthday cake.  The most recent birthday, that cake caused me so much stress but at the end of the day it was perfect. What’s life like in your family or life when it comes to birthdays are you super crazy like me, or are you laid back? Or are you annoyed in this age-obsessed world that you’ve added another year to your count? Chime in! 🙂


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