The Royal Commentary and Giveaway

The past few days have been filled with red velvet cakes,gyros,butter cookies and a bunch of other things that I will get to later in the week. But today I want to really reach out to the royal readers of this blog. So far, there are over 500 of you ( yes, the Princess does her stats) and many of you have stumbled upon me many from links and tags.You are all so unique and regal. Some of you are from places as close to home as the U.S and Canada  and others from places as far off as Malaysia and Singapore. If you were looking for a majestic,magical, and unique  food blog you came to the right place. If not, you still came to the right place. (Thanks for coming) But, none of you have commented on the majestic things you saw on this site! Did you like it? Have you tried any recipes? Do you have a royal and intuitive question? The Princess wants to hear from great people,like you. Also, blogging with no comments feels like talking to an empty room.Commenting is a great way to promote your blog,get out your thoughts, and find out great information. And blogging is built on commenting. So to encourage you my royal readers to comment on this site, I will be giving away a free Top Secret Recipes 1 Cookbook  by Todd Wilbur (e-book) or Professional Cake Decorating by Toba Garret to the FIRST reader who comments on this site.I will also be giving books away randomly to any commenter first or not, so keep commenting.These books are timeless and wonderful. The top Secret Recipes will teach you how to make virtually every dish at the chain restaurants, you can put your own unique spin on them. And Toba does a beautiful job teaching  how to decorate some of the most elaborate cakes.

The comment could be on this post or any post on this royal  and majestic site. All comments must be befitting of royalty ( nice) and may not include anything any profanity or rudeness.And the comments cannot be spam, one letters or any other utter nonsense. Make it at least a sentence.The Princess wants to hear from you.The Princess wants to create a community on this site and YOU are the key to doing it. 

May all your magical adventures be yummy and majestic,

The Princess


2 thoughts on “The Royal Commentary and Giveaway

  1. Hello Teen Princess! Bless you, girl … and yummeries and all your recipe concoctions! Enjoyed your posts at Go Teen Writers … keep up your hard work. In His grip …

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